We got a Makeover

New Year- New Site – New Fun

This past year we decided to take a small step back from our website/social media and re-evaluate everything that we were doing. We really needed to regroup and make a plan. We have a long list of projects and things that we want to do over the next year.

One of the big things that we wanted to do was to make our website more secure. More security meant a lot of behind the scenes fine tuning going on. During the upgrading process we unfortunately lost all comments and pictures that were on the site. UGH! So in a way, we are starting this site all over. A clean slate so to speak.

Over the next few months you will see lots of our old posts as we will be updating the information and  adding in new pictures. We also have lots of ideas for new posts that will be making their way online as well. Not to mention, a few fun things that we will announce later.

If you happen to come across a broken link or error please send us a message to let us know. While we try our hardest to catch all the errors, they sometimes get by us.

Here is to a amazing New Year with lots of adventures and fun!

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