We are the

4th Generation

Even though some of the original buildings, fences and setup are now gone, we are slowly returning our portion of the property into the working homestead that it once was. We plan to bring back the old ways and lifestyle of those that came before us, with a little (ok.. BIG) twist of modern convenience. We are raising our own animals and growing our own food. Homesteading is making a comeback. 

Pull up a comfy chair, grab something warm to drink and enjoy all the posts here. These pages are for you!


We got a Makeover

New Year- New Site – New Fun This past year we decided to take a small step back from our website/social media and re-evaluate everything that we were doing. We really needed to regroup and make a plan. We have … Read More

Bringing back the homestead

We are the 4th Generation that has lived on this wonderful land. What once started out at 100 and some acres, has been slowly divided amongst family, parts of it had to be sold and of what was remaining… We … Read More
Homestead Kitchen


We currently don’t have anything in this category but we will soon! We are constantly expanding and building our homestead. As we venture out we will update this topic! Please check back at a later time.