Bringing back the homestead

We are the 4th Generation that has lived on this wonderful land. What once started out at 100 and some acres, has been slowly divided amongst family, parts of it had to be sold and of what was remaining… We inherited our 8 little acres of pure heaven.

We are only on year two of actively bringing the homestead back to life. Our plan is to use every square inch that has been given to us. Even though some of the original buildings and fences are now gone, we are slowly returning the property into the working homestead that it once was. Our main goal is to bring back the old ways and lifestyle of those that came before us.

Our hearts are to use the land that has been given to bring joy to others around us.

Bringing back the Goats

Great grandpa was the one who raised goats. As the story goes, he had around 40 of them. Little lawnmowers, wandering around the field, eating weeds and helping to provide food for the family.

Goats are such a wonderful source to have on the homestead. We currently only have 2 milk goats but here soon we will have more. I am looking forward to the milk, cheese and yogurts that we will be making.

Goats are like chickens, you always need more.

Bringing back the Orchard

Grandpa also planted a lot of apples trees. Eight of those trees are still alive today. They have been neglected for many many years and are in serious need of some love. When the time is right we will start working on pruning and getting their height back to a level where we can pick them. They are around 15-20’ tall right now.

I am hoping to add to the orchard over the next few years. I would absolutely LOVE to add in some cherry, pear, plum and apricots trees.

Bringing back the Garden

Great grandma and grandpa had an amazing garden! They had their garden located where what we now call our pasture.

My current garden is pale in comparison. Our garden location (closer to the house and a water source) has a lot of rocks and clay. It is taking me a while to get the soil amended to where we have a successful year. But each year it gets a little better.

This past summer while exploring the area where their old garden, was I found something amazing! I found a rhubarb plant! I waited until early spring, dug it up and transplanted it into the new garden location. This little plant thrived all summer and I am hoping that it survives the winter. My fingers are crossed!

Reliving our heritage

There is an old English proverb that says “You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been”. To know where we have been for us means to look to our past. To know our family history and the history of the land that we have been blessed with.

We hope that you enjoy following along and learning with us on this journey!

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